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Every business that markets to the world's population of Freemasons will eventually come to a crossroad where the profitability of the business will become at odds with the fidelity and integrity of the brother that runs it. The IARMV was developed to counter this natural force and reward the masonic vendors that hold their oath above the bottom line of their enterprise. We recognize those vendors who refuse to compromise their obligation and hold the fidelity of our fraternity above all else.

IARMV Membership Requirements
There are no fees or costs involved in membership in the IARMV.

IARMV is a badge of honor that recognized masonic vendors, with approval, may display on their websites to show the masons of the world that their enterprise puts fraternity first and profit second. This lets brethren purchase from that vendor with a clear conscience that the money they are spending is not going to in any way benefit unrecognized organizations outside the scope of mainstream Freemasonry.

The Grand Lodge mutual recognition system has been in place for nearly three centuries, it works very well and there is no need to change. IARMV does not seek to in any way modify, regulate, add, remove or in any other capacity change anything having to do with any aspect of Freemasonry.

Recognition Standards
Because the recognition list of of each individual Grand Lodge slightly differs, the IARMV considers the regularity of any brother to be contingent on your Grand Lodge being recognized by any of the following Grand Lodges: United Grand Lodge of England, Grand Lodge of Scotland, Grand Lodge of Ireland, Grand Lodge of New York, Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, Grand Lodge of Virginia, Grand Lodge of South Carolina, or any other Grand Lodge recognized by any of the aforementioned Grand Lodges.

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