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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Do membership cost anything?
A. No, membership is completely free provided you meet the requirements.

Q. Will my customers be shown listings of my competitors?
A. No, business profiles are only shown when specifically queried. No other listings will be shown to customers when they visit the IARMV verification link.

Q. Will my business profile be picked up by search engines?
A. Yes, when someone searches for your url they may also be shown your business profile. You will also gain SEO benefit from us linking to you in your profile.

Q. If I am a member, do I need to display the membership seal on my website?
A. No but your membership is rather pointless if you don't.

Q. Is buyer verification a requirement for membership?
A. No, there is no way to implement any reliable mechanism for end-user or buyer verification. We doubt there ever will be. In addition, many friends and family often wish to purchase gifts for new initiates which would confuse the concept further.

Q. Must I link to the verification page from the seal?
A. Yes, if you are a member and choose to display the seal, it must link to the verification page.


Q. If a business is not listed does that mean they do not conform to the guidelines?
A. No, it simply means they are not a member, nothing more.

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